Friday, 19 August 2011

Bosom discrimination and the movies

So, my brother, having just gotten back from seeing the new movie Conan the Barbarian, made the remark that it was one of the few movies he's seen with a full range of bosom size. The first time he mentioned this phenomena I immediately thought, no it can't be true. But then I thought I'd test it. I swear that in the next movie I watched every single woman in the movie but two had a B cup size. All of them, I was astonished. And of those two one was on the screen for less than a second and the other was so far in the backgound you almost couldn't see her. What does this say of casting directors, of directors in general, of what is important to the leads?

So for those of you to whom this kind of narrow-minded and biased thinking just really peeves you, you can rest in the fact that in the new Conan the Barbarian you can have blood, gore and half naked women, but no discrimination on account of breast size.

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