Thursday, 14 July 2011

That thing called racism

Now that I am oh so much older I thought I'd put my hand to writing that which I was assigned to write back in my callow youth, when I was but eighteen. That being an essay on racism, though why one would want such a thing I have yet to understand. To this simple request I fear my reply was simply "what's that?" Now that I have advanced in years and am much more experienced I at last can tell you what it is. It's that thing, that thing where people act weird and do strange and odious things for mysterious reasons. Often they say that these strange things that are done and said are because of the color of skin and the difference thereof, but since I often cannot tell what or if there is such a color difference I cannot help but wonder at the accuracy of this statement. Maybe it is just a dominance thing, who am I to know. But, nevertheless, that is what this thing called racism is, and I know all about it, and I have written this essay to attest to such. In any case, I think that culture is much more dominant in a person than the color of their skin, and even that can be superficial, sort of like skin color.


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