Friday, 17 June 2011

'70s dress

I have no idea why I've been feeling the need for a dress like this. I don't wear dresses as a rule. But it does fall under my rule of very short or very long.

So for my birthday I bought me some cute purple print fabric. It has a sort of fleur-de-lis in the background and colorful jacks in the foreground. It was classified as a kid's fabric, go figure. I'd wanted something in orange but the print style is way more important here. And hey, some of the jacks are orange. Not finding any modern patterns that felt right I bought a used pattern via etsy. It's from 1970! I just got the pattern in the mail yesterday and it looks so fun! I'll do the little jumper with the cutout on the chest.

The pattern is size 12 and should work with a bit of tweeking in the chest and shoulders. I'm planning on making a test pattern first. I've never made this style of dress before and I'd like this to look good. I'm thinking that drape is important here. Being as I find dress etiquette annoying I'll also make a pair of short shorts to go under. I hate having to be all prim and proper.

So, hoping I'll get the test dress started this week. But right now I'm resting and reading my third book for this weekend. Cheers

Sayings of the Wise Man

Here is a list of Sayings of the Wise Man from Eric Flint's Joe's World series.

I, of course, am hoping (praying, pleading, planning murder strife and mayhem) that Eric will eventually come back and finish the series (2 out of 5 is not good). Most of these are from The Philosophical Strangler as Ignace was always fond of quoting him. I hope I haven't missed any.

  1. Big frogs in little ponds are prone to suicide.
  2. Folly ever comes cloaked in opportunity.
  3. Wherefore profit it a man to be learned, if he remains stupid in his mind?
  4. Greater greed is the greedy man's gratuity.
  5. Wisdom drops dead. Stupid shit'll haunt you forever.
  6. Some're fast, some're slow, and some dummies can't even find the starting gate.
  7. It's all nuts, anyway.
  8. Fun's fun, but money's money.
  9. Every storm drowns a few rats.
  10. Why waste a good excuse on a dummy?
  11. Pissing on 'em's fine, but don't drown 'em.
  12. A braggart and his brag are soon parted.
  13. Better to be the shitter than the shittee.
  14. Never try to think of the worst thing that couldhappen. It's bound to be worse than that anyway.
  15. I hate to be the one to break the news to you, General, but you're a foot soldier.
  16. If you want to stay out of trouble, don't trouble yourself.
  17. Never try to reason with a love-struck man, when he's got hands the size of bulldogs.
  18. You've got to know when to hold them, and when to fold them, and when you haven't even got enough to ante up.
  19. Don't ask. Just don't.
  20. Idiots never remember the fatal word—later.
  21. Every silver lining has a cloud.
  22. Don't bother looking for trouble. It'll find you all on its own.
  23. When troubles come, they come not in single spies but battalions.
  24. You want to relax? Drop dead.
  25. When the cat looks like it's swallowed the canary, start chirping.
  26. Never stand between a scholar and his subject. Stampeding buffalo would be trampled.
  27. Cheap shots are life's bargains.
  28. Misery conscripts company.
  29. The only scientific definition of evil is that you can't ignore it.
  30. Lackey once, you'll lackey forever.
  31. Shit happens.
  32. Always kill two birds with one stone! There's a lot more silly chirping birds than there are good stones.
  33. Anybody named 'they' has got to be an idiot.