Monday, 4 July 2011

Inviting in the horde

The need of others to invite heretics, infidels and other interlopers into their home to act like some treasured dignitary brings to me much confusion and horror.

Why invite the enemy in and push our children forth to entertain them. Why bare our throat and chest and smile while doing so. Why present our back for the sticking, with a choice of weapons at hand. Did not our ancestors know that the name for stranger and enemy are the same? Did not our ancestors build their dwellings with thick walls and small apertures? Did they not know the use of walls and moats, of spikes and shards of glass. Did they not know to keep that which is precious out of reach and sight of those that would pillage and destroy it.

And yet we open our doors and invite them into our holy of holies, and count it rude to throw them out. Alas, we have laid bare all that is ours and invited those not our friends and confidants to pick through and plunder not only us, but that which we hold in trust to protect.

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