Friday, 14 August 2015


While looking at colleges lately, I've run across the phrase cultural diversity. Though on the one hand I feel it's great that people are acknowledging the need, come on really? Using a catch phase isn't going to make people more accepting of diversity. Haven't they paid attention to debates? In my experience people don't like to change their minds. They are comfortable with their thoughts and beliefs just how they are. And it would seem to me that when pushed by an authority like a college to show how culturally diverse one is that many people would just lie and create a story of how they believe in cultural diversity. Unfortunately theses lies and stories fall away when not needed and you're back to the same beliefs they had in the first place. So knowing, this the fact that such a system actually works more often than not baffles me.

All I know is that I love culture and feel like I can't breathe when surrounded in a culture lacking in diversity. I definitely need lots of color, but also the different ways of looking at things that you get with a multitude of people groups mashed together. I am baffled by the need some people feel to close the borders of a country. When growing up I thought the statue of liberty said give me your tired, your poor because we actually believed it as a nation. I feel the internet has greatly cracked the cultural barrier, but am often shocked when I run up against the same internet's need to keep us all in separate boxes. And let's not forget fashion. So many different ideas out there on what one can wear. And though I personally don't really like wearing skirts, the right one can look really great on a man.


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